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Need of initiating Helmet India campaign

India has witnessed in the last four years the deaths of more than 2,00,000 MTW Riders out of which 1,30,000 were just because of Non wearing of helmet. Unfortunately, the deaths are increasing every year from 10135 in 2016 to 44666 in 2019 the numbers have increased drastically. Out of 37 percent deaths of two wheeler riders, about 30 percent of deaths were due to non-wearing of Helmets (MoRTH Report 2019).

India is losing its youth in road accidents, in the previous two years young adults of the age group of 18 – 45 years accounted for nearly 69.3 percent of road accident victims. The working age group of 18 – 60 accounted for a share of 84.3 percent in the total road accident deaths, which is hitting the economy as well.

Not Wearing a helmet

Not Wearing a helmet

As per UNECE ‘The United Nations Motorcycle Helmet Study’, Wearing an appropriate helmet improves the chances of survival of a Motorcyclist by 42% and helps to avoid 69% of injuries to riders. Poor quality helmet is equal to no helmet, a good quality helmet can become a life savior, but unfortunately people find it expensive for saving their precious lives.

The purpose behind this initiative is to reduce 30% Road fatalities of MTW riders which can be achieved by taking few below mentioned initiatives.

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Let's join hands to achieve the 30% Road Crash Reduction Target- as together we can win and reach any Destination !

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“Choose your day to Break-Up-with Fake and Substandard Helmet”