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A Campaign to break-up with the sub-standard and low quality helmets”

What is this campaign about?

“Choose your day to Break-Up-with Fake and Substandard Helmet”

Why i Register for Break-up Day Campaign?

THIS IS FOR OUR OWN SAFETY, I request the Government to take the onus to completely ban the manufacturing and sale of fake and substandard helmets. Fake helmets are just like poison, selling of same is not only a crime against an individual but also crime against the State/ Government.

LET’S TAKE A PLEDGE, By participating in this event I take a pledge that I will always wear a good quality standardised helmet and will abide with the road safety rules. I take the pledge for my own safety and through my video I want to communicate the message to all the riders to wear only the standardized helmet.

Video which fulfills our criteria that individual or biker group will be awarded bikers jacket/bikers helmet/bikers shoes/gloves

Criteria On Which Your Video Will Be Judged👇


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“Choose your day to Break-Up-with Fake and Substandard Helmet”